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The Council of Student Organizations is the branch within FUSA that exists to support the various clubs and COSO assesses and then approves or denies constitutions of organizations seeking approval and accreditation. Once clubs and organizations are approved, they are eligible to receive funding from the University. COSO Board members work closely with clubs and organizations to help them with club development, finance, marketing, programming, and community development.

COSO also coordinates the two University wide club activities fairs, one per semester. 

Download full list of active clubs (updated Spring 2020)

Contact COSO:


For all COSO forms needed for your clubs, please go to the link below. 


To view all the clubs offered at Fairfield, please click here. To join or start a club, click on the link below or email COSO. 

Activities Fair

The Activities Fair is an annual event where all clubs, organizations, sports clubs, and other community members have a chance to engage with the students.

Council of Student Organizations (COSO)

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