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The official governing association of the 4,000+ full & part-time undergraduate students of Fairfield University.



FUSA Activites Fair
Pres Ball 2018
T-Pain 2018

Who We Are 


The mission of FUSA Programming is to provide programs that are social, academic, and cultural in nature and to foster a sense of “Stag Pride” in each and every student.


The Programming Board features five sub-committees including Traditional Events, Class Programming, Cultural and the Arts, Late Night Events, and Sports and Recreational Events.  Activities range from dances, concerts, and engaging speakers to trips into New York and athletic collaborations.  In sum, Programming strives to reach all aspects of student life on campus.


FUSA's Marketing Board is responsible for the advertisement of all programming events, senate initiatives, and the overall public relations efforts of FUSA.  Marketing utilizes multiple platforms such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and iMovie in order to help make FUSA's designs and concepts the best they can be for the student body.  The Marketing Board also uses Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote FUSA in an interactive way. With that, the digital marketing efforts of FUSA also include digital displays that are broadcasted around campus, such as Snapchat geotags, that encourage both participation and excitement at our events.

Council of Student Organizations (COSO)

The Council of Student Organizations is the branch within FUSA that supports the various clubs and organizations on campus. COSO assesses and then approves or denies constitutions of organizations seeking approval and accreditation. Once clubs and organizations are approved, they are eligible to receive funding from the University. COSO board members work closely with clubs and organizations to help them with club development, finance, marketing, programming, and community development. COSO also coordinates the two University wide club activities fairs, one per semester. 

Contact COSO at:


FUSA Senate consists of 5 elected senators from each active undergraduate class year. The Senate listens to the concerns of the student body and works with Fairfield administration, staff, and faculty to try and resolve those concerns to improve the campus. Through weekly committee meetings and bi-weekly Senate meetings, our senators work hard to ensure Fairfield University is an enjoyable place for all students. 

If you have any concerns, feel free to attend our Senate meetings, which are open to the public, or click this link to voice your opinions, concerns, or ideas.

Click Here For Senate Resolutions and the Senate Meetings Schedule.


Members of the FUSA Treasury Board are major figures in setting FUSA's budget and determining funding for FUSA events. The Treasury is also responsible for communicating with all FUSA branches about their respective budget statuses. The Treasury processes, reviews, and approves all paperwork and passes it through University administration for further approval.

The Community Engagement Event Form can be found here, or by going to our Life@Fairfield page!

FUSA Court

The FUSA Judicial Branch consists of the FUSA Court, which consists of five (5) appointed Justices, with one serving as the Chief Justice. 

The FUSA Court determines the constitutionality of laws and Executive actions, hears cases regarding disputed disciplinary actions, probations, and terminations, and has the authority to review cases regarding impeachment. Members of the FUSA Court serve as the Election Committee for all FUSA Elections, and are responsible for maintaining the Election Code.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion oversees and implements FUSA's strategic vision for a more diverse and inclusive student body. The board

works to achieve this by holding a wide array of programs, listening to all students' voices, and taking responsive action to help ensure all students of various backgrounds feel included and united within the Fairfield community.

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