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Who We Are 

The official governing association of the 4,000+ full & part-time undergraduate students of Fairfield University.





FUSA’s Programming Board is responsible for the creation, planning, and execution of various on and off campus events for students to enjoy. We work with and plan for all class years, creating small and large scale events to support the student experience during their time at Fairfield.  In collaboration with both on-campus and off-campus vendors, FUSA Programming puts on signature Fairfield events such as Presidential Ball and the Main Stage Spring Concert to promote positive experiences

Marketing and Public Relations

FUSA's Marketing and Public Relations Board is responsible for the advertisement of all events and initiatives arranged by the Programming, Government, COSO, DEI, Treasury and Health and Wellness teams within FUSA. It utilizes multiple platforms such as Canva and iMovie in order to help make FUSA designs and concepts eye-catching to the student body. The Marketing & PR Board also uses Instagram and Facebook to promote FUSA through creative posts and engaging stories. FUSA Marketing & PR communicates event information through email as well to reach the whole student body, encourage participation in our Fairfield University community, and increase awareness of the resources FUSA provides to students. 


Club Operations and Student Organizations (COSO)

The Club Operations and Student Organizations Board supports the various student-run clubs and organizations. COSO facilitates the new club process for all students looking to create their own clubs on campus. Once clubs and organizations are approved, they are eligible to receive funding from the University. COSO board members work closely with clubs and organizations to help them with club development, finances, marketing, programming, and community development. COSO also coordinates the University wide club activities fairs that occur each semester. 

Contact COSO at:


FUSA Senate consists of 5 elected senators from each active undergraduate class year. The Senate listens to the concerns of the student body and works with Fairfield administration, staff, and faculty to try and resolve those concerns to improve the campus. Through weekly committee meetings and bi-weekly Senate meetings, our senators work hard to ensure Fairfield University is an enjoyable place for all students. 

If you have any concerns, feel free to attend our Senate meetings, which are open to the public, or click this link to voice your opinions, concerns, or ideas.

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Members of the FUSA Treasury Board are major figures in setting FUSA's budget and determining funding for FUSA events. The Treasury is also responsible for communicating with all FUSA branches about their respective budget statuses in order to prevent overspending. 

FUSA Court

The FUSA Court is within the Judicial branch of FUSA. The role of the Court is to primarily facilitate and coordinate all FUSA Elections. Additionally, the Court handles all internal FUSA affairs. The Court's role encompasses ensuring adherence to the constitutional mandates by all members, in addition to safeguarding members in instances of unwarranted termination. Operating as a pillar of internal support, the Court fosters the conducive environment necessary for the external initiatives undertaken by other FUSA members. The second part of the role is facilitating at minimum three elections throughout the course of the year. The elections include a fall first-year senate election, the annual presidential election in the winter, and the spring general senate election. Additional elections become part of the role if a seat becomes vacant at any point throughout the year. The duties included with facilitating the elections are updating the election code, communicating with candidates the rules and regulations for the election as well as requirements to run, hosting an election party, and the presidential debate. Aside from the main duties of the Court, the Court is also responsible for hearing cases regarding appeals and complaints within FUSA. 


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board works with students, clubs, organizations, and the administration of Fairfield University, as well as the local community, to ensure that all students are being represented and given a voice. The DEI Board recognizes that meeting the needs of students on the North Benson and Bellarmine campuses is crucial to the overall growth of our University, and that more work can always be done to make Fairfield University more inclusive for the student body. To this end, the DEI Board understands the need for transparency regarding issues of inclusivity and works to establish programming events and initiatives ensure that every student is welcomed and included regardless of their identity. The DEI Board respects the voices of the students and understands that a truly inclusive and safe campus comes from dispelling ignorance and hatred. Only through understanding the needs of the student body, especially those underrepresented, can the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board fulfill its duty to FUSA and the undergraduate population.

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness board looks to promote students' physical and mental health by implementing events and fairs to encourage a healthy life balance. 

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