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Every year we kick off our basketball season with a pep rally for our men’s and women’s teams. After some slam dunks, giveaways, and other red sea madness,

we welcome our  concert artist. Who will it be this year?

More information coming soon!

Our Concert History

  • Spring 2024: 2 Chainz & Kaliii (Leo D. Mahoney Arena)

  • Spring 2023: Metro Boomin (Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater) 

  • Spring 2022: Flo Rida (Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater) 

  • Fall 2019: Fetty Wap (Red Sea Madness)

  • Fall 2018: DNCE (Red Sea Madness)

  • Fall 2017: T-Pain (Red Sea Madness)

  • Fall 2016: Lil Dicky (Red Sea Madness)

  • Spring 2013: Kendrick Lamar

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Spring 2024

2 Chainz and Kaliii

  • We hope you enjoyed this year's Main STAGe Music Experience with our amazing performers 

  • Photos by @sassoddey

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