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Happy Success Sunday, Stags! This FUSA Blog series will show you ways that you can remain successful on and off campus this semester - whether that means using the Career Center, networking with industry professionals, or even applying for internships for the upcoming summer. In this week’s edition of Success Sunday, we show you 3 ways to keep up your networking skills during these virtual times.

LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn is not only a great way to display your professional profile and personal successes for your close to network to see but it is also helpful for connecting with professionals in your industry of interest. There are many ways to find people to connect with and ask for a quick 5-10 minute phone call. We recommend finding companies you would like to work for and finding Fairfield University alumni that work there! Stags love helping other Stags! To learn more about how to network and message, we recommend contacting the career center or checking out this article.


Besides LinkedIn, there are many other professional networking sites out there to connect with people! Lunchclub is a professional networking website that allows you to schedule 1:1 video or phone calls with other individuals looking to expand their professional circle. This is a great resource to eliminate the hassle of finding individuals that will want to chat, as this site contains individuals who truly want to have a conversation.


Networking with professionals is indeed a great way to get to know your industry during these virtual times, but connecting with students of the same interests and goals is helpful too! Ladder accomplishes this with their website. Ladder provides a community space for students who want to meet students with similar interests (Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Consulting, AI, Tech, etc.). Ladder also provides referrals and mentorship.

Networking in this virtual era is difficult, but utilizing all of these networking sites will allow you to expand your network and possibly make a professional connection that could be life changing! Stay tuned for next week's Success Sunday to see how you can set yourself apart from the rest.

Stags Up & Out,


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