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With this month’s posting coming to a close, we thought this FUSA Friday should be special. So, we have included four club highlights!

Her Campus Fairfield

Her Campus works every day to empower young women with the tools, passion, confidence, and training they need to succeed, no matter what they dream of doing. Her Campus in three words: women, magazine, and inspiration. To be involved, you can either be a general member and attend events, contribute ideas and plan for events, send in content for social media, and more. Or, you can be a writer, and do all of those things just listed, as well as contribute articles to the nationally ranked magazine . To join, you can request on Life at Fairfield, or email

Animal Love Club

Animal Love Club focuses on helping and learning about animals. They do many fundraisers, trips, host guest speakers, and projects all centered around helping many different types of animals. This is a great club for anyone that loves animals or wants to be a veterinarian! Animal Love Club in three words: community, awareness, and charity. You can join the club by becoming a member through Life@Fairfield!

Social Work Club

Social Work Club aims to bring happiness to the Fairfield University community and be a resource for Social Work students on campus. Social Work Club in three words: new, inclusive, and supportive. To join the Social Work Club, send them an email at and request them on their page on Life@Fairfield.

Students for St. Baldrick's Fairfield

St. Baldrick’s focuses on trying to fill the funding gap to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors longer and healthier lives. St. Baldrick’s in three words: fundraising, family, and giving back. Join on Life@Fairfield to be added to the email list! Or follow St. Baldrick’s on Instagram (@stbaldricksfairfield) and send a DM to add you to the emails!

Thank you for joining us for this month’s FUSA Friday Club Spotlights! We hope some of these clubs have inspired you to go out and get involved on campus. Fairfield is a great place to branch out and explore new interests. We can’t wait to see you succeed!

Stags Up & Out,


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