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Happy Study Sunday, Stags! For those of you who are home, we hope that you get some rest and relaxation this Thanksgiving break. Take the opportunity to see family & close friends and to regroup! Once classes and finals start coming up within the next couple of weeks, we will have to re-adjust to virtual learning! To make that adjustment easier, we have some tips for you to keep your motivation high at home and online.

  1. Find a study spot at home

Finding the perfect space to study and do online classes is key to your success as a virtual learner. Make sure that you take the time to organize with the rest of your members in your household a place that you can ensure will be quiet enough for you to get your work done!

  1. Designate quiet times

If you have a lot of people doing work or school virtually right now, try to negotiate a time in which you can ensure that there will be quiet times for you to study and get your classes done.

  1. Stay active and motivated

Staying in bed and doing classes or school work is one of the easier things to do, but it is important to get your legs moving and to maintain active. Even though we may be confined to the spaces in our home, be sure to step away from the computer for a while to rest your eyes, mind, and body,

  1. Eliminate distractions

Like we have said in our other blog posts for Study Sunday, it is important to eliminate your distractions when studying or doing school work. Distractions can be even more prominent at home because we are not at school and consistently focused, so try setting a timer on your phone or designating certain times throughout each day that you will dedicate to school.

  1. Keep taking notes in class

It is a lot easier to procrastinate taking notes and paying attention in class when you’re online and the material is not right in front of you. Make sure that you remain as active as you can in class up until the last one! You never know what will be snuck into a final exam, and you don’t want to miss that because you weren’t taking notes!

We hope that you take these tips and become a successful Stag at your home away from Fairfield University. Best of luck on your final classes and final exams. We know that you will ROCK it!

Stags Up & Out,


By: Olivia Mahoney

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