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Happy Monday, Stags! Guess what? There’s only one more Monday to go until Thanksgiving break! Let’s kick this week off with a little Motivation Monday inspiration.

This week’s focus is positivity! Together let’s lift one another up and bring out the best in each other.

We never know what our fellow Stags are going through, so it is important to treat everyone with kindness. It’s amazing to think of the positive impact we can have on someone’s life through just one simple act of kindness.

Today, we challenge you to share some positivity with three new Stags! This can be through a compliment, favor, conversation, or even a simple hello. What better day to inspire some positivity than the very beginning of the week?

Feel free to share your experiences with the FUSA Instagram story! We can’t wait to hear about your Motivation Monday success.

Stags Up & Out,


By: Danielle Mank

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