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This week we’re going over how to “reno” your resume! It’s important to keep your resume up-to-date and ready to go at all times.

Here are a few tips to help you boost your resume and land that internship/job!

1. Formatting! Formatting! Formatting!

How your resume is formatted gives the recruiters a first impression of you prior to even reading your wonderful accomplishments. A desirable format includes white space, simple/corporate fonts, a knowledgeable layout, and consistency.

2. 15-20 Second Rule

Chances are, recruiters are glancing at your resume within 15-20 seconds along with a pile of others. So? This means you want your format to not only be easy to follow but make sure your key accomplishments are easy for them to find. We wouldn’t want them to miss out on your extraordinary highlights!

3. Reverse It

We’re so used to organizing events in chronological order. However, for resumes

it is best to list experience in reverse chronological order so that your most recent experiences stand out.

4. Make It Personal

Make your resume appeal to the position you are applying for! Making your resume more “personal” and catering it to the opportunity at hand will truly make you shine as a prime candidate.

5. Easy As 123!

Quantifying your accomplishments is a great way to elaborate on experiences and portraying a complete picture. Trust us, become a number lover, and include significant quantities to really highlight your accomplishments.

We hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for your “Resume Reno!” See you next week!

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