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Sunday Success: LinkedIn

Ah LinkedIn, everyone’s favorite networking tool! Although building connections are important, there is far more you can do to truly stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to appear in more searches, increase engagement, and present your best self.

Include Photos

Including photos on your LinkedIn means having a professional profile picture, suitable header, and interesting graphics to supplement your posts. Photos are a great way to step up your profile and really bring interest to your page.

Make Meaningful Connections

Think quality over quantity. Really take your time deciding who you want to be in your network and whose network you want to be in. Your network represents yourself as an aspiring professional, so be sure that your network reflects the image you wish to create for yourself.

Be Engaging

The best way to receive engagement is to create engagement. Make insightful comments on posts, like content that appeals to you, and post content that speaks to people. Communicating with connections will also help drive engagement towards your page.

Add a Link in Your Email Signature

Simple tip: Include your LinkedIn profile link in your email signature. This is a great way to make it easy for potential opportunities to explore your accomplishments. Make it easy for them! You never know the potential an initial interaction holds.

Consistency is Key

Posting frequently helps drive people to your page more often and increases engagement. Consistent posts also provide a nice timeline for recruiters to view your interests and accolades.

We hope you enjoyed these LinkedIn tips and have fun amping up your profile.

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