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Happy Tully Tuesday, Stags! We are back this week with more ways that you can enhance the Tully experience this semester and make some meals out of the food provided by the dining halls. This week, we will be revealing our favorite dessert and beverage hacks!

Berry Smoothie

Craving something sweet but also healthy? Go up to the dining hall to collect your favorite berries, a banana, yogurt, and any other fruity items you can find! A small, portable blender is an essential dorm accessory & they are a fairly affordable investment. Blend up your fruits, juice, and/or yogurt and you’re good to go!

Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

A delicious dessert is one of the best days to end a long day of studying. We love grabbing some ice cream from the Stag Spirit Shop or Micro Mart and placing it between some cookies for the dining hall - such a fun way to change up your snacks!

Fun Ice Cream Combos!

Do you have a boring tub of vanilla or chocolate ice cream in your freezer? Think about spicing it up with some toppings from the dining hall! Top off your frozen treat with some cereal pieces, fruit, or some crumbled cookie, brownie, or cake!

Get creative with the Tully! When you think that there are no more options at the dining hall, think outside of the box. Stay tuned for next week’s Tully Tuesday where we will go over dinner hacks!

Stags Up & Out,


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