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Traditional Events

Together FUSA puts on events that have become a tradition here at Fairfield including but not limited to, Jazz Your Jack-O-Lantern, Santa's Workshop, the Annual Tree Lighting, and the To Be A Kid Again event. 


Jazz Your Jack-O-Lantern

This annual event celebrates the fall season and the holiday of Halloween! Students are invited to paint or carve their own pumpkin, sip apple cider, decorate cookies and celebrate being halfway through the fall semester!

2017 Santa's Workshop 1.jpg

Santa's Workshop

Every December, Fairfield University students are invited to participate in our annual Santa's Workshop! Activities include cookie and stocking decorating, free Santa hats, pictures with Santa, creating fleece blankets for local holiday donations, toy drives and much more!

2017 Santa's Workshop 1.jpg
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The Annual Tree Lighting

This tree lighting event officially kicks off the Fairfield University Holiday Season by lighting the large tree by the Fairfield University Chapel Patio! Holiday remarks are delivered by President Mark R. Nemec, University Jestuits as well as Christmas carols sung by our two on-campus acapella groups, The Bensonians and Sweet Harmony!


To Be A Kid Again

Ever wish you could go back down memory lane? With 'To Be A Kid Again' the FUSA team puts together a series of activities to do so! Spend a day enjoying childhood favorites including slime, tie dye, hopscotch, sidewalk art, adult coloring books, Capri Sun, Colony Grill, Mr. Softee ice cream, and more!

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