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Siblings Weekend

"Siblings" of Fairfield University Students are invited to campus for a fun weekend of activities to see what life is like on campus for their older brother, sister, cousin, etc!


  • How old does my sibling need to be to attend? Siblings of all ages are welcome to attend, we just ask they are accompanied by a current Fairfield student and/or adult at all times.

  • Are cousins or family friends allowed to attend? Yes "siblings" can be interpreted as you see fit.

  • Can siblings be dropped off on campus? If siblings are being dropped off for the weekend, we expect that they are being dropped off with their current Fairfield sibling. Their sibling is responsible for them and is expected to accompany their siblings to any on campus or off campus events.

  • Where do the siblings stay/sleep? Siblings will be staying with their current Fairfield brother or sister, in their residence hall, apartment, townhouse or beach house. We do not provide alternative housing.

  • Are parents/guardians allowed to attend? Parents and/or guardians are welcome to accompany their children to the on-campus events. If parents and/or guardians would like to attend any off campus Athletic games, they will be required to purchase their own ticket.

  • Do current Fairfield students need their own tickets to events? Current Fairfield students are welcome to attend the Siblings Weekend events for free as long as they are accompanying a "sibling." Registration includes a free admission ticket for the Fairfield Student and sibling for any ticketed athletic games. Any additional tickets would need to be purchased separately.

  • Is the $50 fee needed, even if I only want to come for part of the weekend? Yes, $50 is for anyone that wants to attend any part of this year's Siblings Weekend.

  • What does the $50 fee cover? The fee covers (4) meal vouchers entrance into our on-campus dining hall, t-shirt, as well as all off-campus transportation, event/game admission and giveaways/supplies.

  • Can I purchase more meal vouchers? Yes, you will have this opportunity to purchase additional vouchers at check-in. 

  • Are there any other on-campus food options? Other on-campus dining venues include, The Stag Snack Bar, Dunkin Donuts, The Levee among many off-campus area restaurants.

  • Which local hotels would you recommend? Yes, please visit our Fairfield University area hotels page to learn more!


For more information call Colleen Horstmann, Assistant Director of Student Programming the Office of  Student Engagement at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2081 or email

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