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Blogging in November

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hello Stags, we are so excited to announce our posting schedule for the month of November! During this launch month, we will provide you with interactive posts including supplemental graphics and materials that you can take along with you for the start of the semester back on campus.

Be sure to look out for weekly posts, such as:

  • Miscellaneous Monday: a variety of surprise posts that will be fun and easy reads for you to get to know our blog style more

  • “What’s on Campus?” Wednesday: short reads about events occurring on campus for the start of the semester

  • Foodie Friday: the inside ~scoop~ about the best snacks and meals to have in your residence hall or around campus

  • Study Sunday: the best tips & tricks from current students on how to lead yourself to academic success for the rest of your fall semester

Please join us and support the launch of our blog by sharing your favorite content with fellow friends, family, and Stags!

Stags Up & Out,


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